Amazing Spider-Man COMPLETE RUN 16-400

Average Condition of Lot: Fine (FN)
Raw Comic Condition Scale


A Collector's Collection! 385 issues total, no breaks no dupes. Includes CGC and CBCS slabs. Includes signed copies by Stan Lee, John Romita, and Todd McFarlane. Includes Mark Jewelers Variants, and SIGNED Mark Jewelers Variants. I have personally flipped through every single page of every single (un-slabbed) book and can vouch that every issue is complete. no cut-outs. every Marvel Value Stamp is intact. every ad/card insert is intact. my (amateur) grading notes are included in the photos. in general: 16-100 = VG 101-200 = FN 201-300 = FN/VF 301-400 = VF/NM only a few of the early issues have been pressed, so there's definitely room for improvement. 6GB of detailed photos available here: ships priority with special care!

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