About Us

My Slabs was started by a group of slab collectors who were frustrated with buying and selling slabbed cards on eBay. We sat down and discussed our frustrations and discovered we shared similar complaints.

Our biggest complaint is that eBay fees are too high. Sellers pay listing fees plus final value fees of 9-13%. For slabbed cards, especially fixed price listings, this seems egregious. Other complaints include eBays permissive return policy, the frequency of non-paying customers, the cumbersome nature of the site for buyers and the arduous listing process for sellers.

We respect eBay and have collectively bought and sold millions of dollars of collectibles on their platform. However, we wanted to create a platform catering directly to the needs of slabbed card collectors.

My Slabs addresses our shared frustrations by eliminating listing fees and charging a 1% Selling Fee, with a $1 minimum. Sellers are only charged if they sell their item. We have a No Return policy, with limited exceptions. We monitor the site to remove buyers who violate our No Return policy or for non payment.

We hope slab collectors find our website sleek and easy to navigate, and our listing process to be seller friendly.

We invite you to Register for My Slabs and appreciate any feedback.