Buying Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in becoming a MySlabs buyer! Our platform was founded by a small group of collectors in 2017 and we have proudly grown into a large, passionate, and diverse community numbering in the thousands (probably tens of thousands by the time this is being read, haha). Because of the massive volume of cards that are uploaded and ultimately sold through our platform on a daily basis we have a handful of common sense rules that we must strictly enforce. Our sole motivation in doing this is to keep things fun, professional, and respectful to both buyers and sellers alike. When expectations are set and a code of conduct adhered to, everyone wins which is genuinely our sole objective. The truth is 99% of collectors in our hobby buy and sell without ever having issues. Unfortunately, it’s the 1% that tend to ruin things for everyone else. So that being said we respectfully ask that buyers carefully review and follow the rules outlined below. Not doing so is disrespectful to fellow collectors and offenders risk suspension from our platform. Trust us when we say it’s the least fun part of our job! But we do it in the name of maintaining the integrity of our marketplace and community.

  1. 1. MySlabs is a PayPal Marketplace. Buyers (and sellers) must have an active PayPal account to transact on the platform. That said, PayPal does offer a variety of payment options upon checkout.

  2. 2. Sellers only ship to the domestic USA shipping address on the PayPal invoice. There is no international shipping. Buyers can list any domestic United States shipping address at checkout, including those of third parties such as ShipMyCards or various others. Please do not ask a seller to ship to an address other than the one you elect on your checkout invoice.

  3. 3. For International buyers there are several services (such as ShipMyCards) which will assist you in purchasing cards from We encourage buyers to contact them directly for details.

  4. 4. If Approved, international sellers are allowed on MySlabs, provided that they indicate the Country of Origin in their Listing Title so that Buyers know ahead of time from where their slabs will be shipped (for Example "Shipping from Canada"). This allows buyers to plan ahead for potential increased shipping times.

  5. 5. If a buyer makes an offer it must be valid for 24 hours or until the seller declines, whichever is first. Buyers cannot cancel an offer prior to 24 hours having elapsed, no exceptions.

  6. 6. If a seller accepts an offer, buyers must pay within 24 hours otherwise the system will trigger an automatic account suspension.

  7. 7. Buyers will be charged sales tax if the buyer and seller reside in the same state. A red +Tax symbol will appear next to the price of the item on the detail page of the item before purchase. Refusing to pay for an item in an attempt to avoid paying sales tax will result in account suspension.

  8. 8. All prices include Shipping. This is the same for all offers, there is no additional shipping cost.

  9. 9. All MySlabs fees come from the seller's proceeds. There is no additional cost to buyers.

  10. 10. If a Buyer has an issue with a transaction, the buyer should first contact the seller directly. The seller's information can be found in the "My Collection" tab after purchase. Buyers MUST contact sellers before contacting MySlabs customer support. We do not have the resources to intervene on issues that can be resolved with a little direct communication between buyers and sellers. In the event a buyer fails to get a response from the seller after multiple attempts and after allowing several hours for a response, the buyer may then contact MySlabs customer support by emailing [email protected].

  11. 11. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE BUYERS TO CONTACT PAYPAL AND INITIATE A RETURN ON THEIR OWN. Doing so risks permanent suspension from the platform. The only time it is permissible to contact PayPal is after we have attempted to resolve the issue and have been unable to. We will then instruct the buyer to directly initiate a return with PayPal. We ask all buyers to have patience and kindly give us the opportunity to resolve the situation amicably.

  12. 12. There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges on MySlabs. If the Buyer does not receive the item paid for or if there is substantial damage to the item inside the slab or holder, the buyer should first contact the seller. Seller's contact information can be found in the "My Collection" tab.

  13. 13. Small scratches to the slab or small cracks or chips do not qualify for redress. If there is significant damage to a slab or holder not visible in the images on the website that threatens the integrity of the item inside the holder, a buyer may request a reholder fee from the seller. MySlabs will act as an intermediary if buyer and seller cannot agree to a re-holder fee. However, this fee will never exceed 1% of the purchase price. This fee is to be paid upon photographic proof of significant damage provided by the buyer to the seller via email.

  14. 14. If a buyer has a valid resale certificate, the buyer should present it to the Seller after paying the entire invoice. After validating the resale certificate, seller must then refund any sales tax paid by the buyer. Please do not ask a seller for a new invoice. Failure to pay an invoice because of a desire to avoid sales tax will result in account suspension.

** Please Note: Sellers may CANCEL counter-offers at any time prior to acceptance.