Fire 🔥 Sale

MySlabs is launching a new product in Beta called Fire 🔥 Sale.

Fire Sales will drop each day at 12:00 PM Noon EST. They will appear very similar to other listings in the For Sale feed , but can be distinguished by the 🔥 before the price and a 15 minute running clock immediately following. Also, Fire Sales always appear at the very top of the For Sale feed and at the top of search results where applicable.

Fire Sales give Sellers maximum exposure on MySlabs because of their position atop the feed. In exchange for this preferential exposure, Sellers agree to lower the For Sale price of Fire Sales at a rate of 10% per hour. Price reductions will occur at each 15 minute interval,

Fire Sales are available with a BuyNow button just like any other listing on MySlabs. However, Fire Sales do not have a MakeOffer option. And just like any other For Sale listing, Fire Sales can be stopped by the Seller at any time by removing the slab from the For Sale feed.

Tracking for Fire Sales with Notifications - Tracking is available for Buyers on all Fire Sales by marking the Tracking box. A pop-up will ask buyers to enter a Price Target at which they wish to be notified via text. For example, a Fire Sale that starts at $125 may not become interesting to a Buyer unless it falls to the $85 level. By entering the $85 Price Target the Buyer will be notified via text message at the price increment immediately above their desired price target.

Fire Sales will allow Sellers who need to raise funds quickly to receive payments in their PayPal account on the same day, and possibly as quickly as a few hours. There is ZERO risk of non-payment or delayed payment with Fire Sales, as they require immediate payment to end the sale. As with all items listed on MySlabs, Returns are Not Tolerated and Buyers who violate this policy will be dealt with swiftly.

For Beta Launch we have recruited a handful of Sellers, including MySelf, who have demonstrated a history of high quality scanned images, properly positioned flat and cropped well, displaying the entire slab without distracting background or fingers. In addition, full detailed titles and accurate sorting are paramount. While all Sellers on MySlabs must continually demonstrate professionalism, prompt shipping, safe packing, etc. in order to maintain their status on our platform, we have limited the Beta to a pre-selected group who we have discussed our Fire Sale product with, and who understand the benefits and risks.

There is a decent chance that some bugs appear during this LIVE Beta. Please have patience if any glitches occur. Our hope is to work out any bugs and continue to improve our platform for Buying and Selling Slabs and Wax.

Note: If you might be interested in participating as a Seller in Fire Sales in the future, feel free to join the MySlabs Facebook Welcome Forum. Approved Sellers who are Members of the Forum will have priority if Fire Sales expand from Beta Launch.

Thanks for your Support - Matt