Selling Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in becoming a MySlabs seller! Our platform was founded by a small group of collectors in 2017 and we have proudly grown into a large, passionate, and diverse community numbering in the thousands (probably tens of thousands by the time this is being read, haha). Because of the massive volume of cards that are uploaded and ultimately sold through our platform on a daily basis we have a handful of common sense rules that we must strictly enforce. Our sole motivation in doing this is to keep things fun, professional, and respectful to both buyers and sellers alike. When expectations are set and a code of conduct adhered to, everyone wins which is genuinely our sole objective. The truth is 99% of collectors in our hobby buy and sell without ever having issues. Unfortunately, it’s the 1% that tend to ruin things for everyone else. So that being said we respectfully ask that sellers carefully review and follow the rules outlined below. Not doing so is disrespectful to fellow collectors and offenders risk suspension from our platform. Trust us when we say it’s the least fun part of our job! But we do it in the name of maintaining the integrity of our marketplace and community.

  1. 1. All images uploaded to MySlabs must be flat and not tilted. There should be no slab stands, fingers, or other objects holding up the slabs. No advertising or branding is allowed in the images. The entire slab must be in the picture and be cropped using our built in cropper tool and as close to the slab as possible while leaving all edges and corners of your slabs visible. We must insist on this in order to enforce the no return policy. Horizontal slabs (slabs turned on their side) are not allowed. Sellers who violate these rules run the risk of account suspension.
    The images must be FLAT, not tilted. There can be no slab stands or fingers or other objects holding up the slabs. No advertising or branding is allowed in the images. The entire slab must be in the picture. The slab must be cropped using our built in cropper tool. Horizontal slabs (slabs turned on their side) are not allowed. Sellers who violate these rules will be deactivated.

  2. 2. As a seller it is your responsibility to maintain your inventory and prices. If a seller has sold a slab on another platform and forgets to remove it from MySlabs or sells a slab on MySlabs that has been previously sold elsewhere, the seller's account may be suspended. In the event of a slab selling elsewhere previously to selling on MySlabs we would require proof of the previous sale in order to alleviate any concerns the buyer may have in regards to questionable activity and maintain site integrity.

  3. 3. Sellers on MySlabs are required to act professionally. This includes prompt communication, and fast secure shipping. Sellers who attempt to back out of deals run the risk of account suspension.

  4. 4. Sellers should only ship to the PayPal Shipping address found on the PayPal invoice. DO NOT SHIP TO AN ANY OTHER ADDRESS. If you ship to a different address, you will not be protected by PayPal and MySlabs will not be able to help.

  5. 5. Selling Fees - Sellers pay 1% of the sale price of all "Buy It Now" or "Best Offer" items Sold on MySlabs with a minimum fee of $1 per transaction. The selling fee is automatically taken from the proceeds of a sale when the buyer pays the seller through PayPal Marketplace. A record of the transaction can be found in your PayPal account.

  6. 6. The only slabs allowed on MySlabs are Beckett, PSA or SGC authenticated and or graded slabs. Sellers who upload slabs from other third party graders risk account suspension. Sealed wax is allowed in the Wax section only.

  7. 7. Sellers on MySlabs are responsible for collection and payment of all Sales and Use Tax as required by law. In order to facilitate Sales Tax collection, MySlabs automatically charges buyers a state sales tax when the buyer resides in the same state as the seller. This tax is charged to the buyer and collected by the seller in applicable transactions. Sellers should consult their accountant or attorney regarding their obligations with respect to these funds, as well as any other Sales Tax or Use Tax that may be appropriate. MySlabs never collects sales tax. If a buyer presents a seller with a valid resale certificate, the seller must reimburse the buyer for any tax collected. The following site may provide helpful information with regards to validating a reseller certificate (

  8. 8. A seller must ship items within 3 Business Days. If a seller is going to be busy (on vacation, other emergency, etc) they can go into their profile and activate "Vacation Mode" which will temporarily disable all their For Sale slabs.

  9. 9. All buy it now prices and best offers include shipping. There is no additional shipping cost. However, if a Buyer requests special shipping then the seller and buyer can negotiate accordingly only after full payment has been received by the seller.

  10. 10. There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges on MySlabs. If the Buyer does not receive the item paid for or if there is substantial damage to the item inside the slab or holder, the buyer and seller should communicate and come to a mutually agreeable settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, then MySlabs will attempt to mediate.

  11. 11. Sellers should disclose any significant scratches, chips or other damage to the slab in the listing. This includes mislabeled slabs or other defects.

  12. 12. Small scratches to the slab and or small cracks or chips do not qualify for a reslab fee. If there is significant damage to a slab or holder not visible in the images on the website that threatens the integrity of the item inside the holder, a buyer may request a reholder fee from the seller. MySlabs will act as an intermediary if buyer and seller cannot agree on a re-holder fee. However, this fee will never exceed 1% of the purchase price. This fee is to be paid upon photographic proof of the significant damage provided by the buyer to the seller via email.

  13. 13. If Approved, international sellers are allowed on MySlabs, provided that they indicate the Country of Origin in their Listing Title so that Buyers know ahead of time from where their slabs will be shipped (for Example "Shipping from Canada"). This allows buyers to plan ahead for potential increased shipping times.

  14. 14. PayPal has the authority to reverse all transactions executed on our platform through PayPal Marketplace, however, buyers must not contact PayPal without prior approval from MySlabs. Without a compelling reason in line with the policies outlined above, we may at our sole discretion suspend buyers who seek or receive a refund through PayPal. If a buyer initiates a refund through PayPal without contacting the seller, the seller should alert the MySlabs customer service team immediately.