Selling Guidelines

All Items Ship to Verified Paypal Address found on Paypal Invoice

Selling Fees

Sellers pay 1% of the value of each Item Sold, with a minimum fee of $1 per transaction.

Item Sold<$100Total Fee = $1
Item Sold$100 or moreTotal Fee = 1%

Permissable Items
The only items permissable for listing on My Slabs are Beckett or PSA authenticated, graded or slabbed cards.

Sales Tax
If a Buyer resides in the same state as Seller, state Sales Tax will automatically appear on Buyers Invoice. Buyer must pay entire invoice immediately. However, if Buyer sends Seller a Valid Resellers Permit, Seller is obligated to refund any Sales Tax paid. Seller should NEVER reissue an invoice in order to eliminate tax, even for a Buyer who claims a valid resale permit. Sales Tax should be refunded AFTER the buyer PAYS for the item, and Seller has verified the validity of Buyers permit. The following site may provide helpful information with regards to validating a Reseller Permit

Sold Items Ship Within 3 Business Days
Sellers must ship items that have been paid for by Buyers to the Buyers verified Paypal Address included on the paid invoice in an immediate and timely fashion. Do not list an item for sale or accept an offer unless you have the ability to ship the item immediately upon payment. Vacation Mode (on the profile page) offers an easy account suspension button for those who need to deactivate items for sale because they will be out of town or unable to ship for any other reason.

We encourage Sellers to communicate with Buyers directly through email upon Buy Now/Accepted Offer.

All prices include shipping, as do all ‘Offers to Buy’.

All Items are listed in “As Is” Condition. We have a No Return, No Refund, No Exchange policy. However, Paypal may reverse transactions at its own discretion. If a Buyer does not receive the item purchased, receives a different item, or receives the item severely damaged (outside of superficial damage to the slab or holder), it is permissable for the Buyer to seeks a refund/return from Paypal. However, we do not believe superficial damage to the slab or holder entitles the Buyer to a return/refund. If there is significant damage to a Slab or holder that threatens the integrity of the item inside the holder, a Buyer may request a reholder fee from the Seller not to exceed $10. This fee is to be paid at the discretion of the seller upon photographic proof provided by the Buyer to the Seller via email. If the Buyer seeks or receives a return/refund through Paypal please report this to us via email to We will not tolerate Buyer’s remorse.

Regardless of Paypal’s decision to reverse a transaction or a partial refund, Sellers are still responsible for the full selling fee on all cards sold on My Slabs.

After payment, Buyer’s email address can be found in Seller’s My Slabs / History tab.

Seller Account
In order to Sell, please apply for a Selling Account.